Tooth Gem

What are tooth gems?

A tooth gem is a small rhinestone jewel that is attached to the surface of a tooth using an adhesive. Some go for the grill: a decorative cover that fits over most of a person’s front teeth. Tooth gems can also be seen as little metal figures like dollar signs, moons, stars or gems that are stuck onto or inside a small hole on one or more of your teeth using dental glues
Dentist and Dental clinic


Tooth gems can only be installed by a professional. In some places tooth gems are installed by drilling a hole into the tooth and then inserting a gem. While some others make use of professional glue.
Most tooth gems fall off naturally from six weeks to a year after being installed. On the off chance that your gem doesn’t fall off and you need it removed, it’s recommended you go to a dentist to have it properly removed. Otherwise you could cause a lot of damage to the teeth.
Tooth gems are great and gives your smile the sparkle it deserves. Tooth germs could be placed in areas that are almost completely hidden or in the front i.e anterior teeth. But if you must rock tooth gem effectively, opt for the very front.
With a gem, a person may develop a discolored area on the surface of the tooth. Over time, jeweled gems and caps may wear away the enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay and infection. Without proper dental care, such as regular brushing and flossing, dental jewelry offers convenient hiding places for stray food particles and harmful bacteria. Finally, many people apply gems to their teeth using at-home kits. This increases the risk of damaging the tooth and causing complications, such as tooth decay.