Your guide to good oral health

What is Oral health?
Oral health means the health of the mouth. A healthy mouth allows you to speak, smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow and convey a range of emotions with confidence and without pain, discomfort and disease.
No matter your age – 5, 25, 65 or 85 years – oral health is vital to your general health and well-being.

Why does Oral health matter?
Oral disease can impact every aspect of your life from personal relationships and self-confidence to school, work or even enjoying your food. It can also potentially lead to social isolation where you may avoid laughing or smiling and interacting with others as you feel embarrassed about your teeth and people’s perception of your oral health.
An unhealthy mouth, for example if you have gum disease, can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancers and pneumonia. So keeping your mouth healthy is crucial to keeping it functioning correctly and for maintaining your general health.

What does it mean to Live Mouth Smart?

To find out more, Download the 2017 World Oral Health Day Brochure here

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