Theft Policy

Theft Policy

Employee Theft Policy

Dovers Dental Clinic reserves the right to modify this policy in whole or in part, at any time, at the discretion of the Company.

Dovers Dental Clinic values all employees and their property and expects that employees in turn
value the company and its assets. Therefore, we will tolerate no employee theft, or stealing of
any kind, including fraudulent time reporting. That includes theft of money, information,
products, inventory, tools or any item, information or idea that belongs to the company or to an
employee, customer or business partner of the company.

As such, we expect all incidents of employee theft to be reported immediately to the head or representative, along with any data or information you have observed or obtained. We
further, retain the right to use video cameras and audio recording methods as well as software to
identify and detect employee theft.

Below are examples of types of theft to illustrate prohibited behaviours:
● Employees may not take money, customer credit card numbers or company checks
without prior authorization and documentation.
● Employees may not take products without payment, such as inventory, including
samples, or broken/returned items or any company equipment or supplies.
● Employees may not give away products or services without prior approval. This includes
not giving freebies to friends and family, taking home samples without prior approval, or
giving free services/treatment to anyone without documentation and payment.

Employees caught breaking any government law, including employee theft of private or
company property or falsifying timekeeping records will be terminated with no warning given.

In addition, a police report may be filed, as well as a potential lawsuit against the employee with
a request for restitution of funds or products, inventory or assets.

To prevent employees from false accusations, we will investigate all claims of theft or employee
stealing, and discipline any employee making a false accusation.