Digital Display Screen 1S Fast Dental Led Curing Lamp


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Light source
5W high power blue light LED
Checking method: the LED light is fine when the light is on during operating correctly.
The wave length of this product can match with the clinical dental resin solidification, such as 3M, Dentsply etc.
Wave length: 440nm-480nm
Light intensity: 1200 mw/cm²-1600mw/cm²


Working condition

Environment temperature +10℃to +40℃
Relative humidity 30%-75%
Atmosphere pressure 70kpa to106kpa



Equipment safety
Operating mode: intermittent operation
Protection type against electrical shock: class II
Protection degree against electrical shock: type B
Protection against harmful Ingress of water or particular matter ordinary equipment (IPX0).
Safety in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide: not suitable under this condition.


1. Please recharge the battery at least 4 hours before first time usage.
2. In order to prevent cross-infection, it is forbidden to reuse the disposable sleeve.
3. The top of the main unit can be turned 360 degrees to both left and right while it is forbidden to remove.
4. During operation, the blue light should be aimed straightly at the composite resin to ensure the effect of solidification.
5. Avoid aiming the blue light at eyes directly.
6. Please use the power adapter and lithium battery which is designed and supplied by our company, it may cause potential dangers to operator and patient by using the power adapter and lithium battery which is designed and supplied by other manufacturers.
7. It is forbidden to use metal of other conductors to touch the main unit and the charging point of pedestal because it may burn the internal circuit or make the lithium battery short circuit.
8. Please recharge the battery in cool and ventilated room.
9. It is forbidden to self-taking apart the battery, in order not to result in short-circuit or leakage.
10. It is forbidden to extrude, shake or rock the battery. The Li-ion battery is forbidden to be in short-circuit situation and it is forbidden to put the battery with metal or other conductors.
11. To avoid electromagnetic interference, the device should be installed at the medical site which meet the requirement of EMC.

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