Afraid of going to the dentist? Does the idea of getting a root canal treatment fill your heart with dread? If so, you’re not alone. Even though dentists recommend that people visit the dentist multiple times a year, many people don’t. One of the main reasons cited for this failure? Fear.

At Dovers Dental Clinic, we aim to reduce that fear and make going to the dentist a positive, maybe even fun, experience.

We focus on creating direct-to-consumer dentistry with an air of hospitality and it makes us stand apart from regular dentists’ offices. Despite the fact that it’s almost a $140 billion dollar market, the dentistry industry has seen “very little innovation,” says Tend CEO and cofounder Doug Hudson. “I was just blown away that no one had created a consumer brand for dentistry.”

Our dentists are actually reimagining in-office dental care. The drills that the dentists use are quieter to reduce anxiety and eliminate the negative feelings associated with going to the dentist, and play up the positive feelings. We’ve always been drawn to categories that are kind of stodgy and stale and reinventing it with the patient in mind.

Dovers Dental Clinic is the word that we want you to think of when it comes to anything relating to your mouth.”


The Dentist’s Office

If your biggest problem with going to the dentist is that the offices aren’t very glam, you’re in luck.

A few of our features:

  • Extra quiet drills and dental equipment to tamp down your anxiety
  • Soothing Scents to keep you relaxed
  • A well-lit bathroom, curated for perfect mirror selfies
  • A TV screen above the dental chair for TV streaming

All the other dentists are busy going traditional.

What we do

Our services include braces, scaling & polishing, laser teeth whitening, tooth fillings, tooth replacement, tooth removal, gum treatment etc. Book an appointment with us NOW