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Dovers Dental Clinic was registered in 2018 to provide total and comprehensive oral health care. We are an easily accessible, affordable and trustworthy dental clinic that provides world-class, premiere dental care, with comfort and the best end results without a fraction of cost.


Our vision is to transform oral health care in Nigeria through a mindset of excellence, a culture driven by our core values and an attitude of “patients first”.


Our mission is to provide complete dental care with the highest standard of treatment, tailored specifically to each individual client in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our core values of care, respect, trust, quality and innovation shape the culture and define the character of our organization. They guide how we make decisions and deliver our services.


The scope of our dental clinic includes the maintenance of oral health through the assessment, diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of any disease or condition of the oral and maxillofacial regions. We proudly offer par excellence dental treatments like ultrasonic scaling and polishing, tooth restorations and white fillings, orthodontics (i.e. braces), tooth implants, teeth extraction, teeth whitening, stain removal, bad breath (mouth odor) treatment, replacement of missing teeth, dental X-ray, smile make-over etc.


Our main complex is made of the following facilities among others:
• Tastefully furnished Receptionist/Outpatient Unit
• An advanced and functional steam pressure autoclave for sterilization
• A standard dental X-ray machine and laboratory
• A standard Dental Chair/Unit with state of the art equipments
• Constant power supply


At Dovers Dental Clinic, we are committed to the provision of optimal services geared towards patients’ satisfaction. We strive to continually improve our services and choice of products. We have on our team experienced and committed professionals with several years of experience.


The benefits of routine oral examinations cannot be over-emphasized as such care is a valuable part of an enrollee’s healthcare package. It helps in the timely detection, diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases such as tooth decay. Being proactive about detection and early treatment can help keep medical costs down, increase employee efficiency, and promote better performance and productivity. Dovers Dental Clinic offers your enrollees access to the very best in dental care and our team of highly skilled dental professionals. Enrollees and their families get excellent dental care at competitive prices as we offer group discounts.


As an organization, Dovers Dental Clinic strives to provide excellent and qualitative dental care delivery. We believe that taking this message to as many organization as we can, will in the long run give the desired results of educating people about the early signs of oral health problems and reduce the incidence of preventable oral health diseases.
We are open for discussion in any area of doubt while we promise to give our best service to your valued enrollees.

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